April Full Moon Class Invitation

Release your fears, beliefs, karma and change the world and increase your joy all at the same time! 

Clearing Beliefs, Karma & Energetic Blockages Class On The Good Friday Full Moon 4/19/2019 6-8pm PT

Join us for this potent Full Moon class! 

This is the first of 4 Major Full Moons coming over the next 4 months taking us through the Summer Solstice and through the 2 upcoming eclipses in early July. Mercury is now out of shadow and now is a great time to initiate and progress on all levels.

The energetic clearing, enlightening information and empowering consciousness received through this class will be a wonderful way to help purify and prepare your energy system for this upcoming powerful 4 months ahead.

The class is held online via Zoom. You can either attend live and login via the link provided after registering or if you can't attend at the time live you can register and attend "in spirit" be held in the field during the class energetically and then receive a recording of the class to watch later.

6-8pm PT Friday April 19th.

INVESTMENT: $30-$60 Sliding Scale

PAYMENT: Via Venmo or Paypal. The exact payment details will be sent once you have registered.

TO REGISTER: Send an email to loganfgriffin@gmail.com with "April Full Moon Class" in the subject line to receive all the needed payment and login information.

In this class you can...

- Learn highly effective, grounded and practical methods for identifying, mapping and clearing your unresolved fears, limiting beliefs, karmas and energetic blockages
- Receive energetic healing and karmic clearing
- Practice esoteric activism and understand how healing your karma can improve humanity's and help change the world
- Clear and release subconscious fear and negative emotions
- Understand and transcend thought-forms and limiting beliefs
- Understand ego identity and its purposes and limitations
- Deepen your understanding of your God-given power of consciousness and choice and how to practically apply it in clearing your energy system and karma
- Become more aware of the current global crisis and of practical ways to help
- Receive suggestions on how to integrate all that you receive in this class in daily life

I look forward to sharing this time with you all.

Wishing you, all of humanity, and everything and everyone in this world the very best and only the very best now and in these most powerful times to come.

God bless,


Logan Griffin
Energy Healer
Spiritual Life Coach
Meditation Teacher
& Holistic Health Professional
+1 (805) 895-3847 USA
www.logangriffin.com (new site launches 4/17/19)