Upcoming 3-Day Retreat In Switzerland

Upcoming 3-Day Retreat In Switzerland


Facilitating Positive Global Change From Within With Logan Griffin and Stefania Bernet July 5-8 2019

We invite you to join us for three days of healing, rejuvenation and enlightenment in the wonderful energy of the Swiss mountains. Stefania will be guiding daily movement and breath work to bring people deep into their breath and body. Logan will be facilitating deep energetic healing and karmic clearing through the cultivation of Divine Energy and expanded Consciousness. Our intention for this retreat is that each person who attends be benefitted in the deepest ways possible and that the benefit they receive overflow from them into the world. May all of humanity have the courage to heal, learn, grow, and to let go of what no longer serves. May we have the courage to lead by example and be the change we wish to see. 

In this retreat seminar you will... 

- Enjoy quality food, fresh mountain air and good energy

- Practice daily movement practices, breath work and meditation 

- Deepen your understanding consciousness, karma, evolution and enlightenment 

- Identify, map and clear unresolved karmas 

- Clear and release subconscious fear and negative emotions 

- Understand and transcend through-forms and limiting beliefs

- Understand ego identity and its purpose and limitations

- Owning ones God-given power of consciousness and choice 

- Understand the current global crisis and how to help 

- How to integrate all that you learn in this retreat in daily life 

The retreat begins at 5pm Friday July 5th and ends at 1pm Monday July 8th. Most of the group will travel together to the retreat location from Zurich via train early afternoon on Friday the 5th and return via train early afternoon on Monday the 8th. After registration we will be in touch to arrange all of the travel logistics. 

Cost of the retreat is based on a sliding scale of $350-$600 (USD or CHF) Please offer whatever you can comfortably afford in that range. Thank you kindly. Note - The conversion rate from CHF to USD is always roughly 1:1. 

Cost of room and board varies slightly (from $339 to $468 for the entire retreat): 

Shared Room with Sink, (shared WC/shower on floor) 113.- CHF per person/day

Single Room with sink, (shared WC/shower on floor) 133.- CHF per person/day

Double Room with shower/WC in the room 136.- CHF per person/day

Single Room with WC/Shower in the room 156.- CHF per person/day

Prices include: 

- lodging 

- vegetarian full board, local and sustainable 

- organic herbal tea, fruits and dried fruits freely available

The range of cost for the entire retreat (room, board and retreat) is $689 to $1068. 

To register for the retreat please email Logan at logan@logangriffin.com.

We look forward sharing these beautiful and transformational days with you! 

God bless, 

Logan and Stefania

The Retreat Location

The retreat is hosted by Hof De Planis about 90 minutes from Zurich in the foothills of the Swiss Alps. Travel coordination and details will be sent once you sign up for the retreat. The best airport to fly into is Zurch (ZRH). Most of the group will meet first in Zurich and then travel by train to the location. 

Hof De Planis Website