Facilitating Conscious Systemic Positive Global Change

Facilitating Conscious Systemic Positive Global Change

Facilitating Conscious Systemic Positive Global ChangeFacilitating Conscious Systemic Positive Global ChangeFacilitating Conscious Systemic Positive Global Change

Logan offers high quality education and facilitation to individuals, couples and groups to guide them in optimally achieving their goals, releasing their fears, fulfilling their potential, claiming their deepest joy, living in inner peace and achieving true success.


Think globally, act locally. 

Every choice we make matters. 

Every person makes a difference. 

Now is the time for change. 

Who is Logan?

Intuitive, Energy Healer, Yogi, Spiritual Guide, Life Coach, Author, Meditation Teacher and Multiple Spiritual Disciplines Instructor, Logan Griffin has dedicated his entire life and being to serving as an instrument of the Divine for the highest and best good of all. His work is dedicated to the awakening, healing and collective evolution of humanity through the personal healing, education, empowerment and spiritual enlightenment of the individual.

What does Logan teach?

Logan teaches a progressive path of rapid and integrated personal healing, empowerment and achievement of human potential beyond sect, creed and dogma. Based in Santa Barbara California, Logan offers private sessions via phone and Skype, online classes, workshops, seminars, retreats, and enlightenment intensives. 

Logan has been facilitating transformational healing and empowerment work and teaching full time professionally for 10 years and currently has clients in 15 different countries. 

Introduction video and message from Logan


"Logan offers an outstanding quality work to advance any spiritual path in a holistic, grounding and effective way. He is blessed with deep intuition, high calibre knowledge, great intelligence and an excellent expertise, perfected over many years of thorough practice and Divine dedication. This, combined with a warm generous heart and a genuine caring intention, make of him an extraordinarily exceptional Teacher. Thank you Logan for your magnificent contribution to humanity’s evolution."

- F. Martinez (Meditation Teacher and Reiki Healer, Switzerland) 

"Logan embodies a huge commitment to the evolution of humanity and the transformation of past conditioning and pain into empowerment and new possibility. I have benefitted from Logan's clear insight and the practical tools he teaches that are highly effective for personal and collective healing." 

- Shems Heartwell (Acupuncturist, Healer and Mens and Couples Coach, Maui,HI)

"Logan offers guidance of atonement to self-sovereignty for the individual as an impeccable quality as a teacher and facilitator.  Working with Logan gives the opportunity for development to return to one's truest essence in a clear direct path." 

- Piule L. (Energy Healer and Women's Empowerment Coach, USA) 

"Logan's work is something profound to experience.  Working with him is transformational as he facilitates unlocking doors to the Soul.  He has helped me heal my wounds from the past and see clearly the role of fear and ego in my life and ways to release them.  He has provided immeasurable guidance and tools to further understanding of myself, my connection with Spirit as well as the connection of all things.  As a result I have found more peace, and more importantly a purpose greater than myself guiding me to be of service to others in our work.  Logan is a gift to humanity and I feel so blessed to have been connected to him. "

-Amie Rafter (Corporate Leader, Women's Empowerment Coach, Teacher, USA )

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Life Learning, Life Values and Life Choices

Between what we call life and death is a constant process of growth and learning in consciousness. It is also a constant process of choice and the following implications of those choices. This is also know as karma or cause and effect. Karma/cause and effect/trail and error is how we grow and evolve in our consciousness. It is a constant and on-going process of growth and learning. As we become more conscious of this process and choose to manage it consciously, being accountable for our actions, choices and their outcomes we evolve more rapidly and enjoyably. This results in more wise, high quality choices physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually that improve our quality of life and relationships. 

In private and group sessions Logan channels and directs spiritual healing and enlightening energy, information and consciousness to the client’s energy system that facilitates self-learning, growth and evolution, clears energy blockages, limiting beliefs, fears and negative karma. This facilitation improves and optimizes his client's process of life learning and life choices. 

With enough consistent exposure to quality energy, information, consciousness, education, facilitation and exemplification any person can learn their way out of all of their non-optimal decision making processes and clear all of their fears, limiting beliefs, energetic blockages, negative emotions, and negative karma. If they simply consistently choose and prioritize their own personal freedom in that way. It is simply a matter of what they value, intend and prioritize most. We always get what we want most. We always get what we choose. Sadly though we are often indoctrinated to put other's needs above our own personal freedom and focus solely on external goals and processes and suffer as a result. Which ends up degrading our quality of life and relationships. 

We have often never been taught that inner choices, inner goals and inner achievements are just as valid as external ones and how to cultivate both simultaneously. For example, inner peace, joy and happiness are immeasurably valuable and are not dependent upon external circumstances. We can all attain and maintain a consistent and ever deepening state of inner peace, joy, love, freedom and harmony with all of life. It is always simply and profoundly a choice. A choice that we get to make and are required by life to make again and again. We can't not choose for to not choose is also a choice. Claiming our full God-given consciousness, free will and power to choose is the key to our internal and external success. May we  choose wisely for our future depends upon it and may humanity choose wisely our collective future depends upon it. 

Logan assists people in mapping and understanding their internal conscious and subconscious choice and decision making process. We simply have often never been taught these most fundamental life skills, how to think deeply and for ourselves, how to release the energies that do not serve us, how to be fearless in all our choices, how to stand on our own two feet in full self-sovereignty and how to follow the deep love, wisdom and intuition of the Heart. Learning these skill sets are essential for true happiness, inner peace and Divine well-being. Logan can show you the what, why, where, when and how of all of it in a grounded, practical and efficient manner. 

It is Logan's deepest prayer for you that you fulfill your deepest life's purpose, be happy, live in inner peace and know the deepest freedom of your Soul. 

Upcoming Retreat In Switzerland July 5th-8th

A 3-Day Yoga, Meditation, Healing and Enlightenment Retreat with Logan Stefania for Facilitating Global Change from Within.