Client Services

In a session with Logan you can experience and receive... 

  • Spiritual, mental, emotional and relationship guidance
  • Spiritual, emotional, mental and energetic clearing and healing
  • Facilitation of family and relationship healing and transformation
  • Specific path and spiritual guidance & suggestions from your spirit guides
  • Chakra, aura and energy system assessment clearing, healing & balancing 
  • Spiritual emergency and spiritual emergence guidance and facilitation 
  • Healing and resolving kundalini syndrome and energetic imbalances
  •  Stabilizing and advancing kundalini process in a safe and integral manner 
  • Assistance in achieving all of your internal & external goals and intentions 
  • Facilitation of the achievement of your highest and best good on all levels of your life and being for the benefit of all
  • The invocation of Divine Grace and blessings opon your life and path
  • Karmic clearings, healings and releases
  • Spiritual disciplines and practices instruction and suggestion
  • Beginning to advanced meditation instruction 
  • Defining and refining one’s core life values, goals, intentions and priorities
  • Identifying and clearing conscious and subconscious limiting beliefs
  • Identifying and clearing conscious and subconscious fears
  • The facilitation of conscious synthesis and integration of all levels and areas of your life into a thriving whole
  • The resolution of internal conflicts, incongruences & gaps in consciousness
  • Discovering and progressively actualizing  your life and soul purpose
  • Parental, ancestral, societal and past life energetic and karmic clearing
  • Conscious, integral life coaching, empowerment, support and guidance 
  • Connection of you to all of the quality information, resources, practices and tools necessary to fulfill their highest potential on all levels. 
  • Clear, practical and grounded teachings and principles that are simple to understand and manifest in your life
  • Inspiration to live a life of greater value, purpose and service to humanity
  • Clearing of energetic imbalances and blockages of all kinds

Group, Family and Business Services

  • Group, family and business relationship dynamics guidance and facilitation 
  • Optimization of consciousness, intention and integrity to improve results 
  • Clearing and healing of group’s and business’s karma 
  • Facilitation and understanding of ego dynamics and personality issues undermining the group’s and business’s highest and best good 
  • Facilitation of innovation positive change, growth and evolution 
  • Optimizing human relationships and human relations consulting 
  • Clearing of paralyzing fears within the group family or business
  • Facilitation conflict resolution and defining clear paths forward 

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