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The path is within. The path is infinite. The path is all there is. Every moment is a choice. Endeavor to understand all that you are, all that you have been and all that you have the potential to become. Make the very best use of this short and fleeting life that is like a rainbow and lightening. May your realize your True Nature and be free. May your growth in virtue and consciousness be of benefit to all that is. 


Study And Practice Well

Rhythm is power. 


Free Practices


Conscious and immediate forgiveness of self and other and of all of life is an essential discipline in order to be healthy, happy and free. Click here for two powerful forgiveness methods

Practicing the Eight Limbs of Yoga

Yoga means union with the Soul. There are various types of yoga all facilitating that Union. Ashtanga Yoga or the Eight Limbs of Yoga are a step by step and scientific process of unlocking and actualizing human potential for the benefit of all. Here is a brief overview of the various core principles which are themselves disciplines and practices of ashtanga yoga. Click Here. 

Daily Meditation

Daily development of the ability to concentrate on a single point of focus for any chosen length of time is incredibly empowering. This leads to absorption into superconscious states and is one of the most ways to rapidly heal and evolve. "Skillfully practicing all of the facets of meditation is the most perfect action." Click here for a simple and powerful concentration development method.

General Empowerment & Clearing Command

The use of the conscious will and clear intention to clear energies can be highly effective. Here is a general clearing command that can help empower your energy system to start clearing all that does not serve your highest good. 

Clearing Command link coming soon... 

Mantras and Prayer

Sanskrit mantras are highly sophisticated forms of prayer and invocation for those who understand and can overcome the resistance to reciting something in a different language. Prayers and intentions and consciously built, pure, healing and enlightening thought forms are also of incredible value to conscious build and benefit from. Click here for mantras and prayers. 

10-Minute Practice To Reprogram The Mind

Human's tend to have a negative subconscious mental disposition by default. It is essential that we shift this at some point in our life. This practice can help achieve that shift. Click here.

Content From Other Sites With Links

Map of the Human Subtle Bodies

Here is one map: Link

And a more comprehensive map of the various energetic bodies from 

Steven Lumiere's website

Mondic Media Youtube Channel

There are some quality videos with helpful esoteric information on this youtube channel: Monadic Media

The Power of Light, Color Motion and Sound

Check out Duane Carpenter's Website: 

Light Weaver for a plethora of esoteric teachings, symbols and articles. 

"Be Still And Know... God Is Fire"

Vibrational State and Clearing Command for Energetic Protection

Energetic sovereignty and protection are essential for swift progress along the path. There are many internal and external energies in this world that can perceive rapid growth and change as scary and a threat and thus attempt to stop it or control it. They cannot and they can still try. Daily protection rituals are essential for rapid growth. Click here for the practice

The Power Of Living In The Sacred Heart

The Sacred Heart or the Heart of the Heart, The Soul, The Causal Body, The Hrit Padma, The Hridayam are all names for that which is beyond all names the assemblage point of Infinity within one's own Heart. It is the seat of the soul where a microcosm of the entire macrocosm lives in and us our being. It is the most optimal place to live from, heal from, relate from and process and clear karma from. God Within. This practice can help you awaken and connect to your Sacred Heart.

Qi Gong and Energy Cultivation and Storage

Video on basic chi gong principles and technique coming soon. Consciously cultivating, circulating and managing your life force (chi or prana) is essential for your highest levels of vitality and well being. 

Conscious Reality Creation Method

Do you know what kind of life you would like to live? What are you internal and external goals, intentions and priorities? Understanding how to consciously manage your mental and emotional energy to create your ideal reality and methods to apply them is key to the actualizing of your highest and best good. Click here for a reality creation method. 

Reality Transurfing

Reality Transurfing empowers you to understand the infinite nature of reality, to understand the power you have to choose your reality and to avoid destructive pendulums that can distract you from you path of real happiness and success. Audio Recording of Book One