Tratak and Shambhavi Mudra

Yogic Gazing For Concentrative Stability

Tratak and Shambhavi Mudra – The View of the Absolute

Tratak (Yogic Gazing/Open Eyed Meditation): 

This is one of the most simple and powerful practices to develop concentrative stability and meditative absorption. It purifies, activates and balances the brain, CNS and endocrine system. It helps to open and develop the Brow Chakra, tapas lokah and rudra granthi. All of which have to do with Divine Vision, single pointed focus, and the ability to consciously master the mind and thus live in a consistent state of conscious clarity, heal rapidly, purify karma and more easily achieve ones goals. 

  • Sit in a chair in front of a blank wall. Tape a sticky note with a black dot in the center at arm’s length to the tip of the middle finger to the wall. (this point, where your microcosm and personal energy connects with the macrocosm and transpersonal reality, has a specific esoteric meaning and benefit.) 
  • Sit on the edge of the chair with an erect yet relaxed posture. 
  • Stack all of the vertebrae on top of each other. Balance your head and slightly tuck your chin. 
  • Stare single pointedly at the dot with eyes open. At first allow yourself to blink, when you are ready to take it to the next level, do your best to not blink. Allow your eyes to water and continue to stare single pointedly at the dot while letting go of whatever arises in your Awareness. You may see various visual phenomena arise, simply notice and release continuing to focus on the dot. Let go of all thoughts, sensations, emotions, etc. as they arise. Allow your energy and consciousness to simply open and flow. Let go relax deeply while focusing. Breathe diaphragmatically (breathe into your pelvis and belly) and relax all tension in your eyes and face. Soften your gaze and demeanor. Relax. Let go. Generate an inner smile, and positive feeling states throughout the duration of the practice.
  • Do for 5-15 minutes one to two times a day to start, increase to 10-30 minute sessions over time if you want to take the practice deeper. 

Shambhavi Mudra (View of the Absolute):

Once familiar with Tratak you can combine Tratak with Shambhavi Mudra. As you practice Tratak and you are focusing on the dot on the wall “outside” of you, 

feel a magnetic pull and in-drawing feeling of your awareness and energy into the direct center of your brain. As your eyes are open and you are aware of the display of the visual and sensational phenomena “outside,” you are also absorbed in Awareness within. Maintain this inner absorption and awareness while continuing to practice Tratak. 

Tratak and Shambhavi Mudra are one of the most powerful ways to develop the ability to remain “steady in the Light of Being,” to live in absorption in the Divine and to be able to “see through” whatever phenomena present themselves moment to moment. This increases the ability to take no-thing whatsoever to be “me” or “mine,” thus being able to let go of the mental, emotional karmic content and mind stuff of the “me’s story.” thus “burning” karma.  Concentrative stability is the fundamental basis of self-mastery and all higher development. This technique is one of the most direct ways to develop in initial concentrative stability. Enjoy. 

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