"Logan's work is something profound to experience.  Working with him is transformational as he facilitates unlocking doors to the Soul.  He has helped me heal my wounds from the past and see clearly the role of fear and ego in my life and ways to release them.  He has provided immeasurable guidance and tools to further understanding of myself, my connection with Spirit as well as the connection of all things.  As a result I have found more peace, and more importantly a purpose greater than myself guiding me to be of service to others in our work.  Logan is a gift to humanity and I feel so blessed to have been connected to him. "

-Amie Rafter (Corporate Leader, Women's Empowerment Coach,Teacher and Mother, USA )

"Logan embodies a huge commitment to the evolution of humanity and the transformation of past conditioning and pain into empowerment and new possibility. I have benefitted from Logans clear insight and the practical tools he teaches that are highly effective for personal and collective healing." 

- Shems Heartwell (Acupuncturist, Healer and Mens Empowerment Coach)

"Logan offers guidance of atonement to self-sovereignty for the individual in an impeccable quality as a teacher and facilitator.  Working with Logan gives the opportunity for development to return to one's truest essence in a clear direct path." 

- Piule L. (Energy Healer and Women's Empowerment Coach, USA) 

"Logan offers an outstanding quality work to advance any spiritual path in a holistic, grounding and effective way. He is blessed with deep intuition, high calibre knowledge, great intelligence and an excellent expertise, perfected over many years of thorough practice and Divine dedication. This, combined with a warm generous heart and a genuine caring intention, make of him an extraordinarily exceptional Teacher.

Thank you Logan for your magnificent contribution to humanity’s evolution."

- F. Martinez (Meditation Teacher and Reiki Healer, Switzerland) 

"Logan is a rare find, an agent of real change aligned to the highest truths. In the time that I have worked with Logan I experienced radical shifts in my life and internal landscape including overcoming addiction to substances and healing core emotional traumas. Logan is such an effective facilitator because he is unrelenting in his dedication to truth, light and God. That dedication, coupled with deep compassion and principle based wisdom creates the perfect container to explore, unravel and heal even the deepest wounds. I consider myself very blessed to have the opportunity to learn from Logan and the example that he sets in the world." 

-Justin Ferrin (Yogi, Writer and Online Sales Manager, USA)

"Finding the path to enlightenment can often be a matter of timing and how you find it. I would have benefited greatly in life had I met Logan sooner, as he has helped me so much in the last few years. It's never too late to start your own journey and Logan will guide you through it. His skills are powerful and his technique is patient and understanding. Every moment spent with Logan is a meaningful, illuminating one that I have cherished and continue to do so as I navigate the waters of spirit and pragmatism for this lifetime."

-B.M. (Technology Entrepreneur, USA)

"Logan is a truly gifted healer. He took me to the deep place within myself to see my fears and guided me to transform and to get aligned with my soul purpose. He is accessing information that is out of this world, he has an amazing ability to connect with the divine energy and delivering the messages that I need to know. He has guided me in my path when I faced many obstacles. Logan has been a very supportive healer in the difficult moments of my journey. I am very grateful for our work together." 

- Bahar (Mindfulness Educator and Teacher, U.A.E.) 

"Working with Logan is profoundly empowering and transformational.  He is immensely dedicated to deepening his will, discipline, and personal growth so that he may be of better service to everyone he serves.  I’ve been working with Logan for over 5 years and he is constantly deepening and amplifying his teachings, providing more insight and practical techniques, which have led me to increasingly profound shifts within myself.  Logan’s intuition and clarity have helped me see blind spots in my healing process and quickly get to and root out non-optimal core beliefs and fears.  This has resulted in major positive shifts in my life including being more loving towards myself and others, and the ability to be of better service to my clients.  Logan brings compassion, joy, and humor into his individual sessions, workshops, and classes and the techniques he teaches are direct and easy to learn, making practice more fun, effective, and sustainable.  Through Logan’s guidance and utilizing the principles and techniques he teaches, my life is filled with greater self-awareness, love, inner-peace, and joy."  

-D.B. (Marriage and Family Therapist, USA)

Logan was highly recommended to me as healer by friend of mine when I was in difficult life situation. He is a very aware person who guides and coaches you to reach deeper self-awareness and to heal yourself. Also, he won’t just give you a fish, he will teach you how to do fishing! He enabled me to get in touch with myself and reach to calm states of mind, where I can see everything clearly! He is very generous with sharing the information as well, after many private sessions I found the online weekly group sessions also very beneficial to attend.I’m glad I have an opportunity to share my experience here with you as we all grow together. I highly recommend Him for all truth seekers whom are looking to heal and grow. Love & Light" 

- Pegah (Business Empowerment Coach and Educator, U.A.E.)