Ten Minute Practice

Ten Minute Practice

10-Minute Subconscious Mind Reprograming Practice

"So as a person thinks, they become."

-Lord Buddha

Do this practice everyday without bread for a minimum of 40 days 

(It is important to commit to a minimum of 40 days to get the full benefit of this practice. It takes at least 40 days to make or break a habit.)

The Practice:

Have a pad of paper and pen ready next to the bed. Then first thing when you wake up each morning, before even getting out of bed, tune into the inner dialogue about yourself and life, let it come up objectively and be clearly observed without fear, judgement or internal editing or censorship by the ego/inner critic. 

Then simply notice the thoughts and dialogue, giving any negative thoughts and dialogue that arise only enough attention to then write on the pad their opposite positive affirmation, in the real time present tense as if you are already that positive quality. 

For example the thought "my life is horrible." is turned into "My life is perfect in every way." or "I Am so grateful for my wonderful life!" or another example, the thought, "I don't have enough money." turns into " I always have more than enough money for all of my needs and wants.".... Or "I don't like myself" becomes, " I love myself unconditionally."... "I am beautiful, creative, divine etc."; "I am fully loved." "I am fully connected with and empowered by the Universe." "I love everything!" "something is wrong with my life" becomes "Everything is a blessing and happens for a divine reason.”, "Anything is possible!", “I Am empowered by everything.” Etc. 

You get the idea. Be creative and have fun with it! Do this for 10 minutes solid each morning filling up the pad over the 40 days or longer. If positive affirmations arise in the dialogue simply reaffirm them by writing them on the pad too. Allow the practice to become a flow of 10 minutes of simply noticing and releasing any self-limiting or negative thoughts and of writing the opposite Positive Affirmations about oneself, others, life and the world. 

Before one falls asleep, right when one awakes, or when one is in a meditative state are the three times when the mind is most open to auto-suggestion and reprogramming. Writing affirmations down has an added impact and impression on the subconscious mind. This subconscious level of mind has the greatest influence on how we manifest our external reality. 

This “10-Minute Practice” is very effective and powerful. It reprograms the subconscious mind and thought patterns of limitation into positive self-empowering programming that help one progress in ones Life and Path on all levels, helping you have a Self-Empowered, Positive and Healthy Mind Set for all your endeavors!

By the end of 40 days you will have a whole note book full of greater truths and affirmation of your True Power, Beauty and Ability. How great is that? This practice helps shift the default setting of our subconscious from fear, lack, pessimism, survival mode and negativity to consciousness, love, abundance, optimism, positivity and truth illumined living. Enjoy.

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