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The Healing and Evolutionary Power of Prayer and Invocation 

Every prayer, every conscious intention, every mantra recited, every invocation, every consciously produced through-form and well wish has energy and power in it. 

It is a scientific understanding of the nature of esoteric, energetic and metaphysical reality that reveals the simple and profound power of thought, prayer and intention. 

Several factors influence the power of the the thought form, prayer or invocation:

  1. How much the prayer is stated with a state of love 
  2. How much will and energy is infused into the energy 
  3. The karmic condition and energetic situation of the recipient of the prayer

Consciously producing pure thoughts, pure prayers and invoking divine assistance and blessings is practical and powerful way to be of service and to help improve ones karma. 

"Dynamic prayer and intention is...

  •  not a dull duty or a meaningless chore, but a vibrant, living power.
  •  not the deluded hope of someone crying out in desperation, but the practical solution to many problems.
  •  not an act of fear or false piety, but one of courage and true love."

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