Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect after a session with Logan?

Client's often experience increased well being, some emotional and energetic detox and unloading. Various energetic phenomena are not uncommon during or after sessions, hot or cold sensations, electric sensations, vibrations, increased energy and consciousness levels. Deeper self-awareness and insights. Potential minor and temporary digestive upsets as all dense energies clear through. A few restless nights may also be a natural part of the processing and burning karma. All of this is normal and will come and go. 

How does the healing work?

The client chooses what they would like to heal. Logan reads and assesses their energy system and provides information and perspective and then facilitates the energetic clearing and transmutation of the energetic dynamics involved if the client chooses to release them. As much energy and karma as is available and serving the highest and best within each session to be cleared will be cleared again it the client so chooses. If the client is open to it. Logan also offers various practices and suggestions for the client to continue to heal and evolve themselves and to keep themselves clear after the session. 

How can Logan perceive my energy clearly and facilitate energy healing at a distance?

The non-physical energy layers of our beings are essentially beyond what we commonly assume to be time and space. Energy dynamics are non-linear and non-local. If you think about someone on the other side of the world immediately your energy travels to them. Everything is essentially a massive field of energy and consciousness and with by tuning with each other at a distance it is the same as being in person. Actually long distance energy work can actually often be clearer, cleaner and more effective as it focuses more on our non-local connection in energy and consciousness instead of body-identification and personality dynamics. The mass majority of Logan's clients he has never met in person and they still receive  wonderful results. 

Can this work effect my loved ones, family, wife, husband or animals?

Yes. To whatever degree their soul and high self are open and willing to receive facilitative healing, clearing and blessings. All healing and facilitation is always in alignment with Spirit, the highest and best good of all, and fully honoring of each beings free will choice. 

What an healing session does and does not do...

Energy healing sessions will help you clear stagnant old and negative energy, increase your consciousness and self-awareness, help to optimize the function of your energy centers and structures, assist you in clearing your negative karma. Energy healing sessions will not make choices or decisions for you, generate intentions for you or work on healing or clearing anything that you do not want to be healing or clearing. You and your free will choice process are at the steering wheel the entire time. 

How can I best prepare for a session with Logan?

It is helpful to do some internal preparation prior to sessions. Creating a list of everything that you would like to work on healing and transforming and a list of all of your goals, intentions, core values and priorities is also helpful. It can be very helpful to meditate prior to the energy system and to be as present and self-aware as possible before, during and after sessions. Multi-tasking during sessions is not optimal or suggested. Being in a quiet place with as little distraction as possible to be able to focus all of your attention on the education, clearing and healing process is ideal. 

How often should I do sessions?

Benefit will come from even one session. It is up to the client to use their intuition to determine how often they choose to work with Logan. Session work tends to go deeper and deeper over time and only so much can be learned, healer or achieved in one session.   Many clients choose to work with Logan on a monthly, bi-monthly or weekly basis for a period of time and then reassess from there. Others simply book sessions periodically. 

How long has Logan be doing this work?

Logan has been facilitating, teaching and doing energy work full time professionally for 10 years.

How many people does Logan work with?

Logan has worked with over 3,000 different people over the years if you include working in group environments, classes and workshops etc. As far as private sessions Logan has worked with around 400 different clients. 

What countries does Logan have clients in?

United States


United Kingdom


United Arab Emirates