Associated Links

John Jones

Karmic Healer and Spiritual Teacher 

John is a gifted teacher and facilitator and specializes in helping people clear karma.

Steven Lumiere

Energy Healer and Spiritual Teacher

Steven is a gifted energy healer and teacher. His website has an excellent map of the various energy bodies.

Tao Semko

Energetic Facilitator and Healer

Tao is an excellent facilitator of practical energetic development and evolution.

Esly Caldwell

Acupuncturist, Pujari and Energy Worker

Esly offers various pujas and offerings to help improve ones energy and karma.

Fatima Martinez-Torres

Meditation Teacher and Reiki Healer

Based in Zurich, Fatima teaches meditation, mindfulness and offers reiki healing.

Scott Wyman

Marriage Family Therapist, Healer and Teacher

Based in Chico, CA Scott is an excellent therapist and teacher.

Jean Louise Green

Certified Rolf Practitioner and Bodyworker

Jean Louise is an exceptional highly trained bodyworker, author and healer based in Chico, CA

Shems Heartwell

Men's Empowerment Coach and Healer

Shems is an excellent healer, conscious relating coach and mens empowerment coach. He is based in Maui, HI.