More About Logan

Logan is an intuitive, yogi, meditator, healer, teacher and initiate. He lives to serve humanity and the highest and best good of the entire planet earth. From a young age Logan had many experiences that set him on the Path. He had out of body and meditative experiences as a child. Early in life he always felt that something was not right about how things are in the world and that there has to be a better way. This deeper inner feeling led him to question everything and to never take anything verbatim. Constantly feeling the deep ocean of collective pain in the world as an early teenager he felt overwhelmed and deeply depressed at the time. Fortunately by the grace of the Universe his mother took him to see a marriage family therapist who happened to be a deep meditator and spiritual practitioner who recognized Logan as an ancient soul with deep spiritual potential. He became Logan's first mentor and taught him how to meditate and introduced him to various spiritual teachings and methods including that of Buddhism. His entire life changed during this "mid-life crisis" as a teenager. 

Upon hearing of the Path of Enlightenment again Logan's soul immediately lit up in the recognition of this being his single life and soul purpose. Logan whole-heartedly and consciously dedicated his entire life and being to the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment and the service of humanity at the age of 15 years old. From there Logan had many significant transformational and initiatory experiences in his formative years including a significant ripening of kundalini process and past life spiritual achievements at the age of 18 years old. 

Logan then met many various teachers and traveled all over the united states and the world to study the various wisdom teachings, complete many deep spiritual retreats and trainings and pay homage to many of the holy pilgrimage sites in the world. Logan had a hobby for many years of visiting as many different healers, teachers and gurus as possible to learn everything he could from their light and from their shadow and what to emulate and what not to emulate regarding spiritual facilitation. His personal passion naturally evolved into his profession. He has been facilitating energy healing and teaching professionally for 10 years. His body is currently 33 years old. 

Logan is not at all interested in developing any kind of disempowering, enabling, or dependency producing relationship of any kind. He is not interested in any kind of "guru trip" or power trip and is simply here to help people heal and empower themselves to achieve their greatest human potential for the benefit of the greater whole. He is not interested in power, social status, leaving a "legacy", fame or fortune, "influencing" the world with any ego driven ambitions, 'spiritual' egoism, materialism or materialism. He is simply here for Love, to be in full alignment with God and to serve the highest and best good of all. He fears nothing and will fear for nothing. He wants nothing and will want for nothing. 

Logan studied psychology and eastern philosophy in college although he holds no degree from any exoteric accredited school in this life. Logan has been self-motivated, self-disciplined, self-reliant, self-respecting, self-taught, self-empowered and self-sovereign all along his path process as he progressively strives to be in direct connection with High Beings and with Spirit directly as his greatest source of teaching, guidance, empowerment and accreditation. Beings like the Buddha and the Christ have always been his greatest role models and idols. 

Having a degree or being famous or being someone of "power, prestige and influence" in the material world does not in and of its self imply true success, integrity or someone worth striving to emulate. Fear trumps intelligence every day of the week in this world. There are many highly educated and intelligent people in this world that are still riddled with fear, energetic and consciousness blockages and are not in alignment with their highest and best good. There is currently no school or institution in this world that is capable of teaching humans to be fearless, to think for themselves, to stand on their own two feet and to follow their Heart. Many of the most "successful" people in this world never got a degree. Many others go into student loan debt to get one that they may never even use. Material success, social status and social elitism can only take one so far in their life process and evolution. Logan has no judgment upon the current educational systems or authoritative 'value' systems of "having to have a degree to be respected" of the world and appreciates them for the value and benefit they provide the world. That said, he does suggest that they like everything in this world they have room to grow, evolve and improve and that having a degree is not the only criteria by which to measure competence and ability. 

One last note on the topic, as far as time and energy and focus goes, for about the same amount of time and energy people put into their college education of say a four year degree, if they put that same amount of time, energy and focus into their own personal development in energy and consciousness in service to humanity and (not just society's status quo, monetary gain or capitalism) they can attain various degrees of permanent enlightened liberation which will be with them throughout all their future lives. Perhaps something worth thinking about and exploring the option of. 

Logan has thousands of hours of accumulated healing experience and even more accumulated hours spent in meditation and spiritual discipline and training. Logan is a highly trained body worker completing 600+ hours of training with the Maui School of Therapeutic Massage. Somatic intelligence is a big part of his polymathic development and teachings. Logan used therapeutic body work and hands on energy healing to transition into doing energy healing and teaching full time. Grounding, embodiment and integrated development are core principles he teaches and facilitates. "The body is either the vehicle of Enlightenment or the house of disease." 

Logan is an avid student of the Universe, Life, Consciousness and Form and all of the sciences and life processes of life. He constantly learns from all of his clients, experience and interactions. He is a constant state of multifaceted and multidimensional growth and evolution in energy, consciousness and communion with Spirit. 

Logan has studied and benefitted greatly form the study and practice of ashtanga yoga, mantra yoga, laya yoga, bhakti yoga, jhana yoga, karma yoga, raja yoga, hatha yoga, agni yoga, the yoga of synthesis, chi gong, tai chi, kundalini vidya, kundalini tantra, inner alchemy, white magic and various energy cultivation and healing methods. Logan has studied benefited greatly from eastern and western philosophy as well as various wisdom traditions such as; The Ageless Wisdom Teachings, Mystery Schools, Buddhism, Sufism, Mystic Christianity, Native American and Indigenous Cultures Wisdom, and others as well as the various sciences of chemistry, biology, physiology, psychology, neurology and and constant direct empirical observation of all internal and external energy dynamics and phenomena and the grace of the Divine Mother/Mother Nature.  

Some of the various teachers Logan has studied and evolved with and benefitted immeasurably from are God/Spirit, The Universe, The Holy Trinity, The Divine Mother, Kundalini Shakti and Adi Shakti, Various Deities and Divine Beings, Buddhas and Boddhisattvas, Shambhalla, The Great White Brotherhood, The Nirmanakayas, The Angelic Hierarchy and Devic Queendom, Various Elemental Spirits, His Spirit Guides and Divine Helpers, Humanity, Various Souls and High Selves, The Various Planetary and Solar Logoi (Including our own), Lord Buddha, The Christ, The Lords of Karma, The Kriya Yoga Lineage, The Sivananda Lineage, The Mahasi Sayadaw Lineage, Sri Aurobindo, Padmasambhava, Various Siddhas, Saints, Arhats, Adepts, Disiciples, Initiates, Healers and Authors (Eastern and Western), The New Group of World Servers, D.K., K.H. and M., & R., Ramana Maharishi, The Dalai Lama, The Karmapa, Baba Hari Dass, Yona, Shiva Rudra Bala Yogi, Dhyanyogi, Neem Karoli Baba, Chandra Swami, Amirtanandamayi Ma, Lama Tharchin Rinpoche, Chandrachekharanand and Joan Harrigan of PKYC, Adyashanti, John Jones, Steven Lumiere, Tao Semko, London Brown, Jeff Munoz, Scott Wyman, His Mother, Father, and Friends and The Various  Forces of Ignorance, Resistance and Inertia and all of these as the Supreme Infinite One for which naught can be said. To all of these beings whom without their teachings, clearings, healings, blessings, guidance, protection, facilitation, love, wisdom, care, patience, compassion and grace Logan would not be who he is or where he is today. He expresses his immense and unending love and gratitude to all of them always. 

Logan is not identified with any of his roles or personality processes and is simply here to 

be of the greatest possible service and to make the greatest possible use of this life for the benefit of One and All.