Weekly Zoom Class Invitation:

Weekly Zoom classes are on-going each Friday at 11am Pacific.

Zoom sessions are $80 monthly or $25 per drop-in class.

If you would like to attend live wonderful, you can also attend "in spirit", tune in during the class time and then receive a recording of the class to watch or listen afterward. 

*If you will be attending "in spirit" for one class or all of them please email me to inform me and to make sure that I have you on my list for who is attending to include in all the transmissions, clearings and releases etc. 

If you are paying monthly please make you payment at the beginning of the month for ease of keeping track of payment. Payment is on an honor system. Please send payments for either monthly attendance or drop ins via Paypal using the sending to "friends and family" option to the email:  omearthlight@yahoo.com  or via Venmo to @Logan-Griffin-108. Thank you kindly. 

Here is the general class information and login instructions again for easy reference:
Classes are for 60-75 minutes every Friday at 11am Pacific. You can attend live at that time or if you inform me in advance you attend "in spirit" and I will hold your presence in the field with us during the class and then send you a recording of the class afterward. The password and access link are the same as before, see below.

A bit of what each class contains... 

  • Universal principles and methods for rapid and integral evolution, self-healing, empowerment and enlightenment
  • Pranic healing and energetic facilitation to help catalyze the development of one's charkas, energy bodies, and infusion of one's soul and personality
  • Question and answer opportunities for path related questions and topics
  • Parental, ancestral, societal and past life karmic clearing, healing and releases 
  • Exposure to Divine energy and consciousness and the Grace of various Divine Beings and energies that can increase one's positive karma and open one to higher forms of divine assistance, intervention and more rapid spiritual progress
  • Sharing and learning of various meditation techniques, energy healing techniques and principles, empowerment tools and awarenesses and practical esoteric knowledge
  • Each class will be unique and have new and varied topics explored and discussed - If you cannot attend live you can also have the option of attending "in spirit" and then receiving a recording of the session to watch later. 
  • Receive the Truth of the most direct path of self-actualization and attainment while thriving in the modern world and relationships. To the point, practical and empowered self improvement and spiritual teachings and principles
  • Discourse on the Ageless Wisdom of all the worlds wisdom traditions beyond sect, creed and dogma, Universal Truth, Universal Wisdom, Practical Life Wisdom etc. 
  • These classes can help you to attain your goals, achieve progressive degrees of enlightened liberation, attain wisdom, unconditional love and inner peace, serve humanity and your loved ones, improve your karma, help you grow and mature emotionally, mentally, relationally and spiritually
  • This class is also a weekly opportunity to "combine forces" with other souls dedicated to serving humanity to create and amplified field of empowered and God aligned intention, enlightening energy, information and consciousness to "pay forward" to one's loved ones, friends, family and ones fellow beings to help facilitate the most optimal path of evolution for humanity during this potent and pivotal times. This class is a practical and direct way to serve humanity and to help advance the collective consciousness of humanity and the planet. 
  • And more...

To Attend:
1) Send payment...
Sessions are $25 each (drop in) or $80 per month (even if there are 5 Fridays in a month). 
Payment is on an honor system.
Please send payment Via Paypal using the sending "friends and family" option to the email: omearthlight@yahoo.com
Or on Venmo to the handle: @Logan-Griffin-108 
Thank you kindly. 

2) At the time of the class open this email and click the link blue Zoom link below and enter the password: lovewisdom
You will be prompted to "launch the zoom application" if you haven't already used zoom. Allow this to occur. 

Login Details:
At time of each session click this link: (I will try to have the room live 5 min prior. Sessions should begin no later than 5 min past the hour) 


You will be automatically prompted to install an extension required for using Zoom if you haven't already. 
Once the extension is installed type in the Password: lovewisdom
If joining from telephone dial one of these two numbers and then punch in the Personal Meeting Room ID for my room which is: 720-233-3314Global Dial-In Numbers+1 646 558 8656 (US Toll) 
+1 408 638 0968 (US Toll) 

You're in! 
3) If you cannot attend live and want to attend "in spirit" and receive a recording afterward, send payment first and then email me with that intention and request. Also if you have any questions or topics that you would like me to address even though you won't be in the class live please email them to me with 24 hours notice if possible. Thank you

I look forward to our auspicious moments together. 
If you have any questions regarding the class please email me. 
Wishing you and all of humanity the very best. 
God bless,

PS If you are ever inspired to invite people to the class who would be interested feel free to forward this email to them or have them contact me. Thank you for your patronage. 

Further General Information for Group Empowerment, Energy Cultivation, Energy Clearing and Karmic Healing Classes and PrivateSessions with Spiritual Healer and Teacher, Logan Griffin:

Come learn, experience and utilize universal principles and practices for rapid, safe and integral personal empowerment and progressive growth in consciousness beyond sect, creed, religion, tradition and dogma. Enjoy divine company while you evolve and optimize your energy system and consciousness function. Expand your relationship with all of life. Progressively deepen and fulfill your highest potential with ease and joy for the benefit of all.

In both classes and private sessions you can...
• Learn universal principles and practices for rapid self-growth
• Cultivate states of increased energy and expanded consciousness
• Release fear, stress, anxiety and self-sabotaging patterns
• Discover and clear all that opposes your highest and best good
• Heal, clear, and release parental, ancestral and past life karma
• Create your optimal path of evolution and fulfillment in this life
• Embody confidence, love, inner peace, joy and self-sovereignty
• Receive physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing
• Develop an extraordinary capacity for inspired global service
... and do it all with style and grace and a smile on your face.

Intuitive Healer, Yogi, Spiritual Life Coach, Meditation Teacher, Multiple Spiritual Disciplines Instructor and Evolutionary Catalyst, Logan Griffin has dedicated his entire life and being to serving as an instrument of the Divine for the highest and best good of all. His work is dedicated to the awakening and healing of humanity through the personal healing and spiritual enlightenment of the individual.

Logan teaches a progressive path of rapid, safe and integrated personal healing and empowerment beyond sect, creed and dogma. Based in Santa Barbara California, Logan offers classes, workshops, retreats, private sessions via phone and Skype (also in-person when possible), enlightenment intensives and free initial consultations. Logan has been facilitating healing work and teaching full time professionally for 10 years and currently has clients in 15 different countries. To schedule a private session please email Logan directly at logan@know-oneness.com.

Zoom is an excellent and free (to attend) and affordable (to host) online meeting platform.

Zoom is an excellent and free (to attend) and affordable (to host) online meeting platform.